Functional Circuits Low Impact Class (31 Mins)

This Functional Circuits low have an effect on magnificence is on the subject of 30 mins lengthy. I were given a request for a exercise incorporating some stability paintings, so we’ll step by step construct as much as that all the way through the 2 circuits.

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Functional Circuits Low Impact Class

In this magnificence, we begin with a guided heat up, specializing in mobility and (low have an effect on) dynamic motion. We then transfer onto our purposeful circuit paintings. In each and every of the 3 circuits, you’ll preform 4 workout routines, again to again, for 30 seconds each and every. You then leisure 30 seconds ahead of repeating. So that’s 2 minutes of labor, 30 sec leisure.

We’ll do a little unilateral paintings so we’ll whole four units of the circuits, two times at the proper and two times at the left.

Between circuits, you get a minute to get well, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted. Always concentrate for your frame, enhancing or preventing as wanted.

We end magnificence with a guided settle down and stretch.

Functional Circuits Low Impact Class (31 Mins) - Bodyweight | In this total body, low impact workout class, we'll complete two circuits and incorporate exercises that challenge balance and stability. Warm up and cool down included. Video up on YouTube! #workoutvideo #lowimpactworkout #bodyweighttraining

Workout Breakdown

See occasions within the above video to leap to that phase.

(01:08) Warm Up & Mobility

(06:39) Functional Circuits Workout

Circuit 1

  • Modified Side Plank Lift + Kick
  • Modified Side Plank Hold with Leg Lift
  • Side Plank Adduction
  • Twisted Push Up to Hip Slide

Circuit 2

  • Side Lunge to Calf Raise
  • Skater Step x2 Knee Drive
  • SL Deadlift to Knee Drive
  • SL Deadlift Kicks with Rev Fly

(28:00) Cool Down & Stretch

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xo Nicole

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