Build a Combo Workout Class with Weights (45 Mins)

This overall frame Build a Combo exercise elegance with weights is 45 mins lengthy. The video features a heat up and funky down. If you’re keen on elegance, I’ve extra love it to be had on Patreon this month. Another the use of weights (no leaping), and two which are bodyweight-only (one reduced impact and one with minimum leaping).

Build a Combo Workout Class with Weights (45 Mins)


In this elegance, we begin with a guided heat up, specializing in mobility. We then transfer onto our build-a-combo-strength paintings. In each and every of the 3 sequences, you’ll progressively construct a mix of actions, including on each and every 30 seconds. You relaxation for 30 seconds sooner than repeating.

Here’s a basic breakdown of each and every combo:

  • (30 sec) Movement A
  • (30 sec) Movement A + B
  • (30 sec) Movement A + B + C
  • (30 sec) Movement C

You’ll do each and every combo two times at the proper then two times at the left. There is a few leaping on this exercise, that we construct as much as progressively, however I can display you methods to alter if you would like stay all of the elegance low have an effect on.

Between each and every of the 3 combinations you get a minute to get better, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted.

Always pay attention on your frame, enhancing or preventing as wanted.

We end elegance with a guided settle down and stretch.

Build a Combo Workout Class with Weights: Total Body, 45 Mins | In Build a Combo classes, we gradually build a sequence of exercises over 2-minute intervals of work. Free workout video is up for all on YouTube. #strengthtraining #workoutclass #fitness #workoutvideo

Workout Breakdown

See the days in parentheses within the above video to leap to that segment.

(01:51) Warm Up & Mobility

(09:32) Build a Combo Workout

Combo 1

  • Overhead Raise in Side Lunge
  • + SL Stand with Curl to Press
  • + Row with Step
  • Just Row with Step

Combo 2

  • Standing Side Bend
  • + Back Lunge
  • + Lunge Hop
  • Just Lunge Hop

Combo 3

  • Split Lunge Row
  • + Step to Squat + High Pull
  • + Squat Jump
  • Just Squat Jump

(41:10) Cool Down & Stretch

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