Circuit Pulse + Tabata Upper Body Class (50 Min)

Back within the early days of quarantine, I shared a pair exercises the use of this construction (higher frame / decrease frame). In this 50-minute Circuit Pulse + Tabata Upper Body Class, we’ll undergo two power circuits and end with a handy guide a rough tabata.

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Circuit Pulse + Tabata Upper Body Class


  • Set of medium weights (I’m the use of a couple of eight lbs and feature a unmarried 10 lb for one workout)

In this magnificence, we commence with a guided heat up. It will focal point most commonly on mobility, blending in some dynamic motion towards the top to construct some warmth within the frame. We then transfer onto our circuit pulse + tabata paintings. We’ll do two power circuits and end with a handy guide a rough tabata.

In every power circuit, you’ll preform 5 workout routines. You do the overall vary workout for 30 seconds then 15 seconds of pulsing then 15 seconds of relaxation ahead of transferring directly to the following workout. Rest for 30 seconds on the finish of the circuit ahead of repeating. You entire 3 units general.

In the tabata, you preform two workout routines, alternating between them, the use of an period construction of 20 seconds paintings / 10 seconds relaxation x8.

Between every phase of sophistication, you get a few minute to get well, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted. Always pay attention on your frame, enhancing or preventing as wanted.

We end magnificence with a guided calm down and stretch.

Circuit Pulse + Tabata Upper Body Class (50 mins) - This upper body workout includes two strength training circuits with dumbbells and a sweaty tabata finisher. Full video up for free on YouTube and includes warm up and cool down! #upperbodyworkout #strengthtraining #armworkout

Workout Breakdown

Times discuss with the above video.

02:14 Warm Up & Mobility

07:52 Circuit Pulse + Tabata Workout

Circuit 1

  • Hammer Curl – Curl Front Extension // pulse curl
  • RIGHT Concentration Curl // pulse midway
  • LEFT Concentration Curl // pulse midway
  • Triceps Kickbacks // pulse instantly hands
  • Rev Tabletop Triceps Dip – Hip Lift // triceps dips

Circuit 2

  • Shoulder Sweep – Shoulder Press // pulse press
  • Shoulder Shaper – Press Up // pulse press up
  • Row Narrow – Wide // you select pulse huge or slender
  • Push Up Toe Touch // pulse low push up
  • Prone Extension // cling extension, swimmer


  • Push Press Jumping Jacks
  • Marching Plank

45:50 Cool Down & Stretch

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