Bodyweight Posture Workout – Upper Body/Core

This month on Patreon, I shared a Posture Workshop with a 30-min dialogue and 45-minute elegance striking what we be informed into motion. Think of this fast body weight posture exercise as a bit preview of that. If posture is a subject you’d like to be told extra about, take a look at the workshop on Patreon!

Bodyweight Posture Workout: Upper Body/Core

In this fast higher frame and core float, we’ll focal point on posture: opening throughout the chest, strengthening the higher again/spinal erectors, and mobility/steadiness of the shoulders. No apparatus wanted. It’s a super exercise to counter the hunching we generally tend to do running at a table for prolonged classes of time.

We’ll get started elegance with some respiring and thoracic mobility. We then transfer into some aspect plank paintings for shoulder steadiness and core energy. Next we entire a inclined collection to reinforce the spinal extensors. We end through striking it at the side of a push-up-to-prone collection. Class concludes with some stretching.

Bodyweight Posture Workout - Upper Body & Core - This Pilates-inspired workout flow focuses on strengthening the upper back, opening up through the chest, and shoulder stability. #bodyweightworkout #upperbodyworkout

Workout Breakdown

01:01 Class begins

  • Breathing/Thoracic Mobility
  • Side Plank Series
  • Prone Series
  • Push Up to Prone Series
  • Cool Down/Stretch

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If you loved this higher frame and core posture exercise, you’ll be able to in finding extra higher frame workout routines right here and all my body weight workout routines right here.

xo Nicole

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