Towel Mini Flows Class – Inner Thighs Focus

This towel mini flows elegance makes use of the similar construction because the resistance band mini flows elegance I shared final month. Instead of a resistance band, on the other hand, we’ll use a towel as a prop between our thighs and as a slider. The focal point of this elegance will likely be interior thighs, with paintings for our glutes and obliques as neatly.

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Towel Mini Flows Class – Inner Thighs


  • Dish towel – We’ll use it as a prop between our thighs AND as a slider. You may just use a small pillow or Pilates ball as an alternative. For the sliding portion, you’ll use a paper plate or mag duvet if you happen to’re on carpet.

In this elegance, we begin with a snappy heat up thinking about mobility. We then transfer onto our mini flows exercise. The easiest strategy to describe this construction is to image a Pilates mat elegance. We necessarily take a small collection out of that elegance and switch it right into a circuit.

Each of the 3 mini flows is a brief collection (1:30 – Three mins lengthy). You’ll do it two times at the proper then two times at the left. You relaxation for 15 seconds in between finished sequences and 30 seconds between aspects. We’ll get started at the mat and end status.

Between every of the other flows, you get a few minute to recuperate, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted. Always pay attention on your frame, enhancing or preventing as wanted.

We end elegance with a guided settle down and stretch.

Towel Mini Flows Class (45 Mins) - Inner Thighs Focus | In this low impact workout, we'll mix bodyweight exercises with sliding towel exercises. Main focus will be inner thighs, with work for the glutes and obliques as well. #innerthighsworkout #adductorworkout #homeworkout

Workout Breakdown

02:24 Warm Up & Mobility

07:16 Towel Mini Flows Workout

Flow 1 – Bridge Series, towel/prop

  • (30 sec) Squeeze in on prop
  • (30) Pulse hips up and down
  • (15) Extend leg and hang
  • (15) Pulse in on prop

Flow 2 – Side Series, body weight

  • (30 sec) Bottom leg adduction
  • (30) Both legs in combination
  • (15) Hold, best arm to ceiling
  • (30) Roll again, backside leg adduction
  • (15) Leg circles
  • (15) Switch path of circles

Flow 3 – Standing Sliding Series, towel/slider

  • (45 sec) Sliding warrior lunge
  • (30) Hold low, again knee slides out and in
  • (15) Pulse
  • (30) Sumo squat
  • (30) Sumo squat pulse with heels lifted
  • (30) Legs in combination heels lifted

39:51 Cool Down & Stretch

xo Nicole

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