Functional Circuits Total Body Class – Low Impact, Weights

This Functional Circuits overall frame magnificence is low affect and makes use of weights (with a mixture of body weight workout routines as smartly). The 45-minute magnificence comprises guided heat up and funky down. Some different Functional Circuits categories I’ve shared:

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Functional Circuits Total Body Class


  • Set of medium weights, I’m the usage of Eight lbs
  • Single heavy weight, I’m the usage of 20 lbs

In this magnificence, we commence with a guided heat up, that specialize in mobility and dynamic motion. We then transfer onto our purposeful circuit paintings. In every of the 3 circuits, you’ll preform 4 workout routines, again to again, for 30 seconds every. You then leisure 30 seconds prior to repeating. So that’s 2 minutes of labor, 30 sec leisure.

In Circuits 2 & 3, we’ll perform a little unilateral paintings so we’ll entire four units of the circuits, alternating proper and left. In Circuit 1, we’ll entire Three units.

Between circuits, you get a few minute to recuperate, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted. Always pay attention for your frame, editing or preventing as wanted.

We end magnificence with a guided quiet down and stretch.

Functional Circuits Total Body Class (45 Mins) - Low Impact, Weights | In this 45 minute Functional Circuits class, we'll go through three circuits of strength exercises and bodyweight exercises. Full video available for free on YouTube and includes guided warm up and cool down. #lowimpactworkout #homeworkout #workoutvideo #fitness

Workout Breakdown

01:30 Warm Up & Mobility

09:38 Functional Circuits Workout

Circuit 1, medium weights

  • Rotating Biceps Curls
  • Hammer Curls with Lunge – Squat Step
  • Squat Thrust with External Rotation on the Bottom
  • Shoulder Press, Shaper, Press Up

Circuit 2, heavy weight

  • Staggered DL – SL DL
  • Lunge Row x2 – Pulse x2
  • Lizard to Low Squat to Knee Drive (body weight)
  • SL DL with Arm Reach (body weight)

Circuit 3, unmarried medium weight

  • Boat Sit Up to Balance
  • Boat Pose Shoulder Press – Twist
  • Side Plank Rotation – Top Knee Crunch (body weight)
  • Forearm Plank Knee Drives

41:58 Cool Down & Stretch

xo Nicole

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