Pilates Slide Class (55 Mins) – Mat & Slider Work

I’m so excited for you all to take a look at this Pilates Slide magnificence!!! It’s a mix of my years of revel in instructing team megaformer categories and my Pilates mat coaching. I’ve sought after to position in combination categories like this for some time, and feature been (im)patiently ready to finish my Mat direction prior to doing so.

If you loved the Sculpt & Slide magnificence I shared within the spring, you’ll love this. It’s equivalent however with out the sunshine weights, and a bit extra of a Pilates really feel. Also I can have Pilates Slide categories that incorporate gentle hand weights, resistance bands, and different props someday. I sought after first of all a towel/slider-only magnificence despite the fact that in order that everybody can take a look at it, irrespective of get admission to to apparatus.

Pilates Slide Class – Towel/Slider Only


  • Towel/slider – paper plates paintings on carpet, however I’d nonetheless have a dish towel readily available for knee padding

Pilates Slide categories combine Mat Pilates paintings with sliding sequences impressed via the megaformer. Class is a continuing waft, however we’ll in most cases focal point on one muscle team as a time as we transfer from collection to collection.

Roadmap of sophistication:

  • Warm Up
  • Core mat paintings
  • Sliding plank/higher frame paintings
  • Standing sliding lunge paintings
  • Side frame (outer hips/obliques) mat paintings
  • Repeat on different aspect
  • Prone paintings
  • Cool down
Pilates Slide Class (55 Mins) - Bodyweight Mat Work & Slider Work - This 55-minute total body Pilates Slide class is a mix between a home megaformer class and a Pilates mat class. We'll focus on one muscle group at a time, flowing from one sequence to the next. Free workout video available on YouTube! #pilates #pilatesslide #homeworkout #sliderworkout

If you like magnificence, you’ll get get admission to to extra Pilates Slide workout routines via turning into a Patreon member!

xo Nicole

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