Single Dumbbell HIIT Superset Workout (35 Min Class)

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I’ve shared a body weight HIIT Superset magnificence, an Express model eager about decrease frame, and now nowadays: a unmarried dumbbell HIIT Superset exercise. You’ll desire a medium weight and 35 mins (that incorporates heat up and funky down). Get in a position to sweat!

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Single Dumbbell HIIT Superset Class


In this magnificence, we completely get ready our frame for HIIT coaching with mobility paintings and lightweight aerobic. We then transfer onto our HIIT superset paintings. In each and every of the 5 supersets, you’ll preform two workout routines, again to again, for 20 seconds each and every. You then leisure 20 seconds earlier than repeating. You’ll do 4 units overall.

The superset pairings might be an identical, however Exercise A is decrease have an effect on, after which we dial up the depth for Exercise B. A super amendment choice is to stick on Exercise A for all the 40 seconds of labor, reasonably than progressing to Exercise B.

Between supersets, you get a minute to recuperate, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted. Always concentrate in your frame, enhancing or preventing as wanted (reduced impact adjustments might be proven).

We end magnificence with a guided settle down and stretch.

Single Dumbbell HIIT Superset Workout (35 Min Class) - In this HIIT Superset workout, you'll need a single medium dumbbell. Full follow-along workout video available for free! #hiit #workoutvideo #intervaltraining

Workout Breakdown

01:48 Warm Up & Mobility

08:11 Single Dumbbell HIIT Workout

—Squat dangle with truck driving force
—Star squat jumps

—Split lunge pulse with press
—Jump lunges

—Woodchopper swing
—High knees

—Boat pose shoulder press
—V-ups (bent knees)

—Push up with weight pull
—Surfer get ups

30:43 Cool Down & Stretch

xo Nicole

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